Soulspell - The Second Big Bang - 2017

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Ключевые слова: Soulspell, Melodic Power Metal/Opera, Бразилия, The Second Big Bang.

Обложка альбома «The Second Big Bang»
Страна: Бразилия
Жанр: Melodic Power Metal/Opera
Тип: Полноформатный альбом
Длительность: 01:02:19
Дата выпуска: 25 мая 2017
Лейбл: Inner Wound Recordings
Состав группы:
Jefferson Albert - Vocals as "Padyal, the Worshipful Master"
Tim "Ripper" Owens - Vocals as "The Holy Dead Tree"
Victor Emeka - Vocals as "Adrian, the Apprentice"
Cleiton Carvalho - Guitars
Eduardo Ardanuy - Guitars
Jani Liimatainen - Guitars
Kiko Loureiro - Guitars
Leandro Erba - Guitars
Rodolfo Pagotto - Guitars
Thiago Amendola - Guitars
Tito Falaschi - Guitars
Markus Grosskopf - Bass
Fábio Laguna - Keyboards
Frank Tischer - Keyboards
Rodrigo Boechat - Keyboards
Eduardo Santos - Drums
Gabriel Viotto - Drums
Camille Kitt - Harp
Kennerly Kitt - Harp
Andre Matos - Vocals as "White Lion of Goldah"
Daísa Munhoz - Vocals as "Princess Judith"
Fabio Lione - Vocals as "Dungeon Master"
Blaze Bayley - Vocals as "Banneth, the Keeper of the Tree"
Timo Kotipelto - Vocals as "Greibach the Mathematician"
Ralf Scheepers - Vocals as "The Clairvoyant"
Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals as "Space and Time"
Oliver Hartmann - Vocals as "Space Agency Director"
Pedro Campos - Vocals as "Timo's Mystical Body"
Dani Nolden Vocals as "The Shadows"

01. Time To Set You Free
02. The Second Big Bang
03. The End You'll Only Know At The End
04. Dungeons And Dragons
05. Horus's Eye
06. Father And Son
07. White Lion Of Goldah
08. Game Of Hours
09. Super Black Hole
10. Sound Of Rain
11. Soulspell (Apocalypse Version)
12. Alexandria (Apocalypse Version)
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